Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trouble in River City

While Americans worry about Lindsay's Lohan's progress in rehab, tiny reinforcements to its undersized military in Iraq and Afghanistan and bombs built by second-rate banana Islamic republics. . .they're missing the Yuan in their future. Chinese foreign exchange reserves have topped $1 trillion.
What will John Chinaman do with all this money ? President Hu Jintao told us back on 27 December that it was time for China to build a real Navy; to "make sound preparations for military struggles" (Economist, 6 January 2007, p. 34). I bet President Hu doesn't care about Lindsay Lohan or the Super Bowl; let alone have to put up with Nancy Pelosi and the New York Times singing "Kumbaya."
Are your kids learning Chinese ? Especially the Mandarin words for "yes, boss, right away?" Maybe they'll be working in resorts catering to new rich Chinese, but hey, at least it will be in the world of New Politics, Hope, Peace, Understanding and a Higher Minimum Wage that St. Barak, Teddy, Harry, Hillary and Nancy are gonna give us.
Sing it ! You know you want to.


louielouie said...

the hel# with lindsay's rehab, what have you done with the sun?
the sun?
my very back row seat in the attendants chamber but for an hour of sun.

louielouie said...

my apologies.
i don't have a seat.
i meant to say the space where i stand in the back row of the throneroom.

El Jefe Maximo said...

El Jefe is negotiating with the NFL to sell licenses to buy season throne room tickets.