Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A New Windbag

Joe Biden enters the presidential race, eh ? Clearly we are to be spared nothing! Two-plus years of listening to Biden drone his way down the campaign trail. . .then the possibility of four years of listening to President Biden, who can never shut up ? Mein Lieber Gott!
Senator Biden demonstrated his patented tin ear and flapping gums just today, when he spoketh stupideth of Saint Barak of Obama. In case you've been in outer Mongolia these past six months, Saint Barak is the "moderate" and "centerist" that the journos have tapped as the new Messiah. You know, the "moderate" with the 95 percent ADA (Americans for Democratic Action) rating ?
Anyway, Biden sorta messed up. A gaffe first day on the trail ? Pretty stupid, Senator. As Former Spook points out at In from the Cold, lucky for him he's not Trent Lott and has a friendly press corps flying top cover.
If we must have a Demowimp President, (and it seems we must), a third term for Slick Willie looks better all the time. Slick's relatively entertaining for a Socialist, as well as more or less incompetent at anything other than self-promotion so I don't suppose he could do too much damage. Besides, it would drive Gore bonkers.
On another subject this week: still somewhat inactive in the blogging department. Other stuff going on, but El Jefe will no doubt quit brooding in the palace and issue some decrees presently.

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