Friday, January 19, 2007

Mondull on Cheney

At a three-day conference on Jimmy Carter's presidency at the University of Georgia, former US Vice-President Walter Mondale criticised Vice-President Cheney, saying that his old boss, the aforementioned peanut-farmer President, would never have stood for Cheney's actions.
Boy, where to begin ? Mondale holding Carter up as a leadership example ? Isn't that like getting management secrets from Enron, or tactical pointers from General Custer ?
Damn, a three-day conference on the Carter presidency ? Sounds like an absolute snooze-a-rama of a good time. All due respect, but Vice-President Mondull should fit right in. Maybe, say, five minutes on the first day for all the accomplishments, then a very loooooong lunch break before starting the 2.99 days to be spent on boredom, disaster and malaise. Wake me for the Peanut Farmer's speech on "nuwk-a-yr powifforation."
Maybe they imported Ted Koppel to play the old ABC Nightline Iran hostage crisis theme song every hour. You know: "Da da DA da. . .Hour 4,005 in the Carter Conference" -- because the attendees probably thought the thing dragged on longer than the Iran hostage crisis. NoDoz sales in the U-Ga area were no doubt up, up, up. . .

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