Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lets Make a Deal

The new UN (United Dictators) Secretary-General, the Hon. Ban Ki-moon, says that he agrees with his unlamented predecessor, Kofi Annan, and that he wants the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, closed, Reuters reports.
In a spirit of concilation and cooperation, lets talk with Moonie. I see no reason we can't just sit down with Mr. K-Moon and his lawyers and resolve this whole matter with a frank, open and friendly exchange of views.
I don't guess simply shooting the Guantanamo inmates, or turning the prison into a practice target range for naval gunfire would fly with the Secretary-General, let alone the New York Times, and the "world community," tempting as this might be. (In a fantasy world, the reaction of the lawyers and chattering classes is by far the best argument for this solution).
But we can't do that, worse luck, leaving the field open for a true multilateral and negotiated solution. Lets make a deal. Hey there, Mr. Secretary-General K-Moon: the US will close Guantanamo, if you'll close the UN.


louielouie said...

given EJM I vocabulary, i can foresee considerable fun on EJM I part with mr. K-moon's name at the expense of mr. K-moon.
there is one thing i don't understand from the essay.
please explain how someone formerly married to britney spears can be elected head of the UN?

El Jefe Maximo said...

Because Britney ! is a worldwide problem, calling for multilateral dialogue (okay a bunch of IM's); consultations in a true spirit of multinational cooperation; multi-cultural confidence-building measures across national boundries; and, friendly exchanges of views (not to mention .jpg files).

Take two aspirins, sing "Kumbaya" and call Mr. K-Moon in the morning.