Sunday, January 21, 2007

FLINKY and Blogging

It is somewhat hard to work with one's blog, when FLINKY (one of the Feline High Patronesses of El Jefe's kingdom), insists on napping on the mouse pad.
The present is definitely one of those times. I think that FLINKY is hiding out in the sanctum sanctorium of the vast and nefarious El Jefe empire with the Great One because the Heir is presently holding a sleepover, and matters elsewhere in the Palace are somewhat noisy. . .
FLINKY, by the way, usually insists on her name appearing in all capital letters. No doubt she wishes me to remember who the real Jefe is.


Candidly Caroline said...

I think your FLINKY and my Snickers may be in alliance. While FLINKY sits on your mouse pad, Snickers keep trying to sit on my laptop.
Perhaps it's a ploy to get us to spend all our time cuddling, pampering, and otherwise spoiling them?

El Jefe Maximo said...

No doubt. I suspect, also, that they want to be nearby to remind us to keep the food dish topped off.