Monday, January 29, 2007

Anemic Posting

I'm sure that it's somewhat noticeable that my posting has been down since Christmas. Just not into 07 yet; too much goofing around at the country place on weekends; a couple of family issues; getting the Heir going in Boy Scouts; kiddo sporting events; and, a bunch of other good and not-so-good excuses. Yeah, they expect me to work too.
Seriously, I have a couple of half-baked projects I promise to finish. Lots interesting going on in the world, so I will certainly be back up to speed soon.

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louielouie said...

yes, i am aware of the role/differences of blogger and commenter.
and the relm i am in.
this sunday past, turner classic movies aired the manchurin candidate. it was to say the least, very heinz-kerryist. and even though old blue eyes was a lead role, i have yet to hear it referred to as "a sinatra film".

CQ had an essay in the genre of EJM I this saturday past. regarding conservatives giving guiliani(sp) another look. similar to the essay written regarding mccain in these pages earlier in the week i believe. vast similarities in both.

LL disappears into the back rows of attendants...........

ps: that darn word verification block did it to me twice.