Friday, May 26, 2006


Press release from the El Jefe News Agency (located in the El Jefe Towers, on Right-Wing Street, in beautiful downtown Ciudad El Jefe):
After a ceremonial review of his tough regiments of fanatically loyal goomba guards; the official blessings of the High Patronesses FLINKY, MILO and SUNSHINE; instructions to the cat sitters; and a fete attended by the whole corps diplomatique present or resident in Ciudad El Jefe: the Great One, accompanied by SWMBO, the Heir, the priests, the mistresses, the wine-steward, the cosmo maker, the valets, the clerks, cooks and bottle-washers, plus a cast of thousands, and their little cats too -- has left to tour the provinces, cheered wildly by throngs of well-wishing peasants.
Blogging will resume upon his return. . .

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Candidly Caroline said...

We will miss you ... Have a great time!