Monday, August 25, 2008

Zombietime Does Denver

Zombietime, famous for his photo albums of West Coast Lefty Wackos, is visiting the Democratic National Convention, opening today in Denver. Be sure to check out the Zombietime site, if you've never done so -- it's occasionally interesting to look into the abyss and see it staring right back.
In the meantime, check out Day 1 in Denver. It's a regular Global Harmonic Convergence of wackos. Zombie proves the need for a vast US/UN/World relief operation: a ginormous airlift of deodorant and soap into Denver, and maybe a few fire-hoses. Looks like the Denver cops should stock up, also, on paddy-wagons and plastic handcuffs.


louielouie said...

i think it's time for ......... another off topic comment by LL!!!!!!!!

this past sunday afternoon, espn ran a segment on hussein. it really wasn't about hussein. it was about hussein talking about his personal assistant reggie. now i don't know if reggie is SS or not. i don't think SS carry bags. but the segment lasted at least 15 minutes. no, i don't know what the segment was about because i can't even tell what hussein's speeches are about. i don't want to know anything about marxism so i close my ears, change the channel, whatever. it can't be classified as a campaign advertisement as he was only talking about his assistant. i think is was only there to embed hussein deeper into the cult of personality. i don't remember kerry getting an espn segment, or gore.
the money question:
when is espn airing the jmac segment?

El Jefe Maximo said...

Oh, If I had seen that, or had to take a JMac segment on ESPN, I'd probably reach for the channel changer. I want at least one politico-free zone.

Still if they must have a same or similar segment for the other side of the aisle or voting booth (nnd they should), I'd much, much rather hear about CindyMac and beer distributorships.