Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's an Amy Winehouse?

Okay, this is an appeal for help.

Who or what is an Amy Winehouse? Why do we care? Any comments, advice, help, appreciated.


The Management.


louielouie said...

i don't know who you think you are the management.
this site is the property of one EJM I, or as i have to refer to him, excellency.
think V.putin on steroids.
if you insist on trolling this site and posting again in his stead, you might find out personally, what the russian army is doing to georgia.

best i could come up with on short notice.

hank_F_M said...

Whinehouse: A building in need of a cheese annex.

El Jefe Maximo said...

From what I can see, it's going to be a Cheesy Annex...

Yes, LL, you're right. The ever efficient, ever vigilant,Organs of State Security (Long Live State Security!) have rounded up these vicious malefactors; these offenders against the law (pronounce the last word the way Inspector Clouseau does).

Since we believe in Justice, Human Rights and Saving the Whales here, the miscreants are being given free and fair summary-drumhead courts-martial, after which they will be shot at once by bio-degradable munitions.

movie buff said...

they say music is therapeutic... maybe she has a way to help herself

louielouie said...

follow up