Thursday, August 21, 2008

Texting the VP Choice

St. Barack of Obama says he's made a choice, but he's not telling us who, yet; not telling us whether the Lucky(?) Choice has been told yet. But an announcement is imminent by -- are you ready -- text message to his supporters, "sometime" before Saturday afternoon.
You've got to wonder how he's breaking the news to the Lucky (?) Choice? Somewhere today, there's a politico at work; at lunch; meeting with lobbyists, or Code Pink and MoveOn; or maybe throwing lamps at hubby over his latest intern, when. . .the phone, Blackberry or I-Phone vibrates, rings, sings, makes the T-Mobile sound, or whatever.
Yes, it's the Great One, texting the Lucky(?) Choice with the good word. The following dialogue ensues:

"OMG!!! G8! IM SO N!!!! ^5, BFG!!!!"


"? me"

"Did U Tell Bill U were MB doing it?"


"JW. U need to C him, TILIS"

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