Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Obama Wants to Get Rid of Oil

Senator Obama, speaking to a crowd in Youngstown, Ohio, says that “for the sake of our economy, our security and the future of our planet, we must end the age of oil in our time.”
The future of our planet”?
End the age of oil”?
What is Senator Obama really running for ? The President of the United States is not the steward of the future of our planet, but a public official entrusted with the state business of the United States of America, and with its prosperity, power, safety and aggrandizement. Obama’s concern seems less with the United States -- because the United States holds only a part of his loyalty. After all, in Berlin, the Senator told a German crowd that he was a “proud citizen of the United States and a fellow citizen of the world.” I always thought that American Presidents were for the United States, only, first, last and always.

The President of the United States does not have the power to “end the age of oil.” He is not a scientist, or a miracle-worker or a conjurer. The “age of oil” will be ended when economic, commercial and physical realities require it to be ended, and not before.

Obama’s demand that the “age of oil” end seems to have less to do with the high energy and gasoline prices that are hurting the economy generally, and the pocketbooks of voters in particular. Yesterday he told us the US could produce enough “renewable energy” within ten years to replace all US imports of Middle Eastern oil. Renewable is what Obama’s concerned about. Everything we know about Obama, and everything he says tells us that he cares nothing about Americans enjoying access to cheap, plentiful energy, and everything about our carbon emissions and how much we cut back.

Maybe we can produce enough “renewable energy” to replace Middle Eastern oil imports, but, economically this is hardly a relevant question. It does not matter, economically at least, that the energy is “renewable.” Economically speaking, all that matters is that energy sources be commercially useful and reasonably secure. As long as there are cheaper sources of oil, coal, nuclear or other non-renewable resources around, the money (like water seeking its own level) will gravitate and flow to these sources , and disdain Obama’s precious “renewable” energy.

Of course, we could reach his goal of replacing oil with renewable sources by the government’s forcing it to happen. Of course, it might well economically break us. Planned economies do not historically work out too well (see Soviet Union, fall of). Meanwhile, what will the rest of the world be doing? Oh, Obama's fellow world citizens in Europe will be writing their scholarly papers all the while still-complaining about the cowboy Americans. But I guarantee you the Chinese and Indians aren't going to be worrying about carbon footprints and emissions mandates.

The most disturbing element to the Obama phenomenon right along has been the religious tone of his pronouncements; the millenarian thrust of his huge aspirations. Beware Utopians with plans. Obama does not have the power to “end the age of oil” or secure “the future of our planet.” But as President he would certainly have the power and the means to compel Americans to ignore what’s in our financial and commercial interests, and to use the state’s power to dragoon us all into his Global Warming religion’s crusade to save the planet and build the New Jerusalem to his specifications. Obama the post-nationalist, transnational citizen of the world's going to make you do it -- like it or not. Do you doubt it?


louielouie said...

looking slightly ahead as well as off topic.
i can not understand why a city would want to hold a political convention of this type.
the unpaid bills, the security costs, the overtime of every dept at city hall,........the headaches.
sort of like.....the olympics.

and a shout out to the great state of texas for increasing the occupancy in hell by one. last night at huntsville. was it?????

obviously excellency survived the blow by of yesterday in houston. given that the "E" has already been used, i would surmise there won't be a hurrican el jefe this year/season????

El Jefe Maximo said...

Somehow I think the crowd control measures are slightly more, oh, complete for the Olympics than they would be for the convention.

I attended the Republican Convention in Houston in 1992 as a gopher. Was quite a spectacle, but everything was much less weird in those days.

As for Mr. Medellin, I am glad that we no longer have to suffer his existence. I am glad that neither Governor Perry nor the State judicial system allowed due process to be held to ransom by the international law lobby that was more interested in a cause celebre to bash the United States and Texas with than justice for a murdered child.

Ah, Hurricane El Jefe. Well, here in the Kingdom of Chaos, at the El Jefe palace, in beautiful downtown Cuidad El Jefe on El Jefe Boulevard, every hurricane would normally be named for El Jefe in his capacity as First Weatherman, First Journalist, and every other First imaginable...

But after consultations with the Great and Good, El Jefe decided to abdicate his hurricane naming rights. No, not selling them, crassly, like some sports arena rights (assuming anybody would have the temerity to name such a place after anybody or thing other than the Great One). But a simple abdication, to allow others their day in the sun...or rain, as the case may be.

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