Friday, August 29, 2008

Nobody Texted Me

So, last night nobody texted me from the Nuremberg Rally/religious ceremony at the Temple of Invesco, wanting to Witness to me, or asking me to become an acolyte of St. Barack.
I can't decide if I should be hurt or happy. Was I off the text list because I'm over 15 and haven't joined the whole texting thing? Or maybe my cell phone was quiet because my friends are smart enough not to have joined the cult?
Speaking of cults, while everybody was milling around the Barackopolis, waiting for the Demosavior's Glorious Appearing, I wonder if they served the worshipers Kool-Aid?


Candidly Caroline said...

Today's announcement: Thrilled!

LFC said...

The pillars were meant to evoke the Lincoln Memorial -- anniversary of the I Have a Dream speech.
Bore no particular resemblance to the Nuremburg rallies. More like a football game or something like that. I think you're confusing 'Triumph of the Will' with the Superbowl. (And, btw, I'm congratulating myself here on my self-restraint.)

El Jefe Maximo said...

We won't even touch the presumption of evoking the Lincoln Memorial and the "I have a dream..." speech.

"Triumph of the Will" and the Super Bowl. Wow, now there's a dream to have while plastered. Thank you for your restraint. As somebody on the other side, who often feels somewhat provoked by aspersions cast in the conservative direction, I'm thankful when somebody choses not to explode, despite some (arguable) provacation.

You know LFC, putting down the partisan hat for just a second...I think there have been one or two NFL teams in the distant, and not so distant, past, who have confabulated the two also.

And yes, CC, thrilled is not too strong a word. I like Governor Palin, they handled the announcement well, she's a good candidate, and the McCain people seem to be thinking half strategically about where they're going to find the votes.

I'll have more to say on it, hopefully soon. I'm sorely tempted to enjoy the weekend first.

hank_F_M said...

Way back when I had a history professor who had attended the Nuremberg rallies as a 16 year old girl. She detested the Nazi’s but when she described the Nuremberg rallies the look in her eyes was a groupie at a rock concert. I see the same look in the fans at Senator Obama’s rallies. I hope the analogy is unfounded, but the whole approach of his rallies suggests Nuremberg , not just a few fake pillars.

Enjoy the weekend by all means