Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Thanks, Gustav

Hurricane Gustav, who is a bad boy at Category 5, has stormed ashore in the Cuban Isla del Pinos. The US Gulf Coast appears to be next on his itinerary, and although other possibilities seem more likely, there is some chance that he will decide to visit Cuidad El Jefe.
It's Labor Day anyway, but the Great One, accompanied by SWMBO, the Heir, the Imperial Mother in Law, the Feline High Patronesses of the Blog (Milo, FLINKY and Shiny), and the whole Court, together with the prelates of the State Church, the Imperial Mistresses, the soothsayers, the Ministers of Secret Police, Happy Thoughts, the Treasury, Propaganda and Off-Track Betting, have all decamped to the hacienda in the provinces.
In any case, here's hoping that Gustav abruptly changes his vacation plans from the Gulf coast to the mid-Atlantic, or something.

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