Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apotheosis of St. Barack of Obama

Tonight the Great One appears at the Temple of Invesco to His hungering People, accepting the Call to be the Democrat Savior, to lead us and the whole world to Change We Can Believe In.
Yea, he truly comes among us to proclaim His Message of Love and Compassion for the Whole World. He has been blessed by Nancy of Pelosi, he has vanquished the False Messiah Clinton. He drinketh the Holy Sacrament of Abortion on Demand, and gives us the wafer of Peace and Socialism.
The Great One is nominated and anointed to make us Holy, and rides forth to battle Karl Rove's demon-spawn. We humble sufferers need no longer walk alone, but may now have protection and guidance by our chattering class betters from cradle to grave. Rejoice Ye People! Deliverance from the Long Night of Bushhitler is at hand.


louielouie said...

i'm sure you've seen this

LFC said...

How did some Republicans view Reagan? As the Great Communicator, the One Who Could Do No Wrong, the One who restored America's faith in Basic Values and the Free Market, vanquished the Evil Empire, fought the specters of Radical Leveling, allowed the rich to (justly) become even richer, scourged the Undeserving Poor, and brought a thousand-year Morning in America (or, it would have been if Clinton hadn't defeated Bush in '92). Of course, Clinton hardly governed from the left, caving in to Alan Greenspan and Wall Street almost from the minute he took office. (Details, details.)
The only surprising thing is that some people, if your parody is grounded in even a bit of truth, apparently still believe that politicians are divinely inspired. You don't have to think someone is God in order to vote for him/her.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I agree with you, to a degree about Clinton...after he found that governing from the left wasn't going to work. Trying to do so got him Gingrich. Clinton's caving to Greenspan and Wall Street was simple good sense. I did not like President Clinton, not one little bit, but his fiscal policies, after he decided that re-election was important, get my grudging approval.

I suppose it's the sort of Democratic policies I can find tolerable. I liked Lloyd Bentsen. I would have had to seriously, seriously think about pulling the lever for him in 1988 had the ticket that year been reversed.

Being a descendant of generations of Democrats. I think the whole country would be better off if he were more representative of the Democratic Party, and had the Democrats taken not taken their post 1968 turn leftwards.

Yes, you're quite right about Reagan, and how Republicans and conservatives, (including me) viewed him. I remember all too clearly (I was in school at the time), how bitterly the left HATED him. Since President Reagan was both Conservative and effective, they detested him with good reason.

So much of what you say in your first paragraph depends on where you sit when the argument starts. Take "scourged the Undeserving Poor." Now I like scourged, but seen another way, he acted to take the Federal government out of places that many of us don't think it belongs, and that we didn't want to pay for.

"A thousand year Morning in America." Tsk, tsk ! And you're upset at me for talking about the Temple of Invesco as the Nuremberg Rally!

Finally, there is a difference between divinely inspired, and defication.

LFC said...

You're right about "thousand year Morning in America": that was inconsistent on my part.

El Jefe Maximo said...

What I meant to say...reading back, was that I so love the word "scourged."