Thursday, January 10, 2008

Karl Rove Channels El Jefe Maximo. . .

Karl Rove has a very nice piece today in the Wall Street Journal online: "Why Hillary Won." Clearly, Der Karl reads El Jefe, because he dissects Hillary's New Hampshire primary almost identically:

But more interesting than dissecting the pollsters is dissecting the election returns, precinct by precinct. Sen. Hillary Clinton won working-class neighborhoods and less-affluent rural areas. Sen. Barack Obama won the college towns and the gentrified neighborhoods of more affluent communities. Put another way, Mrs. Clinton won the beer drinkers, Mr. Obama the white wine crowd. And there are more beer drinkers than wine swillers in the Democratic Party.

(emphasis supplied)

Ahem, er, Karl, you're a day late with the booze analogy, El Jefe said it first. . .

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louielouie said...

does ralph peters also:

Even the new US jefe maximo for Iraq, Petraeus, was a dark horse.