Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hillary Gets Spanked

According to Drudge and AP, the hosts of St. Barack of Obama rolled forward to smite Slick and Hilla, conquering them in South Carolina with 54 percent of the vote.
Quite a walloping. . .as of 7:45 central time, with about 75 percent of precincts reports, Hillary had exactly half the support St. Barack did: 27 percent of the vote. John Edwards (he of the Breck hairdo, the ginormous house and the populist sloganeering) was trailing in third place with 13 percent.
The Clintonoids were expecting a beating, but not like this. The Demos are in an uproar. Scuse me while I go open some wine.


louielouie said...

well..... EJM I may want to move toward a fetish motif, it is after all, his blog...........
but if you look at the numbers, it may be more of the phrase EJM I has used on more than one occasion, rolling the dice.
bob novak calls it hillary's brown firewall.
the MLK remarks may have been a ploy to paint st. obama as "the black candidate". and it may have worked. of the 54.5% of dem voters in SC st. obama got 80% of the black vote. however, of the non-black vote the only category he won was 18-29 year olds by a slim margin. in all other non-black categories hillary's margin was equal to st. obama's.
while she may have lost the race, no pun, she may have marginalized st. obama and may be playing on the animosity between black & brown voters.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Yeah, I read Novak, and Bill and Hilla have been trying for weeks to turn Obama into Jesse and provoke a white backlash while holding on to Hispanics.

Trouble is, Obama won too big, and got too many white liberals. Did you notice his victory speech's theme was "Yes we can !" Where have you heard that one before ?

She lost so big that the big liberals, who have never, ever liked the Clintons much to begin with -- have gone wobbly. Teddy Kennedy is going to cut into her union support. Caroline finishes her with the JFK/Camelot/starry eyed/Bobby Kennedy 60's set -- not that she had much of this to start with but it fuels the bandwagon. Teddy, though really, really hurts. If the unions go against her in a big way, she's sunk -- she needs their personnel and phone banks for legwork. They're looking wobbly.

Obama's going all out to get the Hispanics; he has the professors and the birkenstock crowd, and he's working on the traditional Demos. Hillary is on the defense all across the board, and she's out of time. She must find something to wreck Obama this week. She's in hot, hot water.