Friday, September 21, 2007

Pakistan Calls Bin Laden Ridiculous

The Pakistani government has derided as "ridiculous" Mr. Osama Bin Laden's call (in his latest video message), for the people of Pakistan to rise up and wage jihad against President Pervez Musharraf.
Well, I certainly hope it's ridiculous, but as I've said before, the President-General's seat looks none too stable at present. Power is never ridiculous: and the Question before the House in Islamabad is who really has it ? The President-General's claim to his office originates in a military coup, which means that his title is always a little dubious. . . .leading to other questions. Are the food-tasters, secretaries and door-watchers loyal ? Are the intelligence officers telling the truth ? Will the troops shoot ?
I wonder, Mr. President, if you're ruthless enough to ride this horse ? Do the right people fear you ? Anyway, keep that pistol under your pillow, and good luck to you, sir.

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