Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Larry Craig Again

Idaho Senator Larry Craig is attempting to withdraw his plea of guilty to misdemenanor "disorderly conduct" following his arrest in a sex sting in the Minneapolis airport restroom. The Senator has said he will give up his seat on the 30th: whether that actually happens remains to be seen.
I don't understand this way of thinking. What can it possibly matter whether Senator Craig successfully withdraws his plea of guilty ? What does it matter if, after doing so, he is found, legally speaking, "innocent ?" The damage, which is the same, has been done. The Senator is clearly clueless, but has the man no dignity whatever ?
You were caught, sir, and for whatever reason, you pled guilty. Maybe you were innocent and entrapped: I don't know, but you became entangled in a situation, and that bell cannot be un-rung. Go home, accept your time in purgatory; and, if you are so inclined, run for office again at some future time, and may the people of Idaho judge you fairly. But quit demeaning yourself, and your office, and embarrassing the rest of us by quibbling.

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