Thursday, October 5, 2006

Work Jihad

May have a post after lunch, but on Work Jihad this a.m. (I have a brief to churn out). Trying to get a lot of work done so that El Jefe can depart his capital for a few days without wondering what the peasants are getting up to in his absence. . . despite the ever watchful eyes of the Organs of State Security.


louielouie said...

maybe after "work jihad" excellency can explain, in legalese of course, the reason why the bush administration is shutting down charities in the US for raising pally money and now announces the US will fund increased security for Abbass.
how's that for a run on sentence?
fox news is reporting the funding is for abbass' personal security, while carl in jerusalem says its' for the karni crossing security.
sounds to me bush is trying to weave a web so tightly wound, by this time next year we won't be able to tell the good guys from the bad.
louielouie of course does not distinguish between fatah, PLO, PA, hamass, or the hezzies. yes, yes, i know that one is this, and the other is that. baloney.
now that i know excellency will be gone this weekend, i can plan on putting the move on that new redhead mistress.

El Jefe Maximo said...

My guess is that we want to be the PA's Prime Pusher, so that when the good Mr. Abbas and company don't behave like good clients we can bring them up short by cutting off the dope supply.

If the Palestinians lose the charities, they become even more totally dependent than they are already on Euro and US government handouts, plus getting the Israelis to let them have what tax receipts there are. The charities are an independent source of cash, and particularly important if the Palestinians are to have any terrorist option at all -- that is, one of their own, and not one controlled by outside powers (ironically, just like the other aid) with an interest in making things go boom.

I'm glad I'm not Mr. Abbas for all sorts of reasons, but the US is going to fund increased security ? Yeah, "I'm with the government and I'm here to help." My confidence level would perhaps not be so high.

Also, them that pays the security force determines how much security there will be, and who is secure, and what they're secure from. Food for thought for Mr. Abbas and friends when deciding whether they want to give City Hall any sass.