Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Watch the Russians...among others

We must now begin thinking in terms of an enfeebled American government, and what that will mean to the rest of the world.
Other powers are watching our elections, and the troubles of the current administration. With gains impending for the Democrats in both the House and the Senate; President Bush's whole attention is shortly to be focused on avoiding impeachment, and responding to subpoenas. Much of his cabinet, in particular the military, intelligence and diplomatic establishments, will be in the same case. The rest of the world (it is beginning to already), is going to factor our impotence into their diplomatic and economic calculations.
It's back to the 70's. I'm going to write more on this, shortly (but, hey, I have to work). With the US sidelined and stewing in its own juice for awhile, there is an opportunity for other states, and for US rivals generaly, to reshuffle the board in their favor. (Lets be honest: this will thrill plenty of Lefties, here and worldwide). There are all the obvious active fronts, but watch for the appearance of others. In particular, watch the Russians. They are flush with oil cash, and in position to deal diplomatically. If Russia was a stock, I'd call it a definite buy. Georgia is pretty interesting just now. . .

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