Friday, October 27, 2006

Sleepwalking Into a Nightmare

Linked here is a copy (from National Review Online) of a speech Senator Rick Santorum (R. - PA) is delivering around Pennsylvania today and tomorrow. (Hat tip: Chester, at Adventures of Chester). Senator Santorum's speech is outstanding, and deserves both a wide audience and close attention. Unfortunately, things look bleak for the Senator at present.


louielouie said...

other than the fact the speech was delivered by the wrong person 5 years too late it is spot on.

as for the senators election predicament, i would say that says more about the electorate than the senator.
didn't this guy make a couple of bone headed remarks during the confirmation hearings of roberts & alieto(sp)?
i have the luxury of having a bone head senator, inhofe, and a true conservative, coburn.
and as we don't have a chicken on the ballot this time, i think we'll get a rep. governor as well.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I can think of few things more difficult than being a Republican/Conservative Senator anyplace even near the northeast, although Penna. is not really so northeast in many ways.