Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Early Voting

Early voted in Cuidad El Jefe this morning with absolutely no problems. Cool electronic voting machine, like last time.
As I was leaving, I noticed a group of black helicopters orbiting the area. Also, all these nondescript domestic sedans with "Diebold" signs on them, driven by people with pocket protectors, sunglasses and these really cool tinfoil hats - were in the area. The Poindexters with the Pocket-Protectors and the CIA briefcases were talking on their little radios, reading Bibles at stoplights and within 100 feet of public schools. The tinfoil hat guys kept tailgating all those "Fluoridated Water" trucks I saw today. Speaking of trucks, got in a traffic jam behind a bunch of 18-wheelers with a cute looking little doll painted on the side next to the words "Dimpled Chads !"
Wonder what all that was about ?
Don't know, but I'll be sure to bring it up at my next Bush-zombie-cell programm -- er, political meeting.


louielouie said...

'lemme see now what was that recall code .......... OPE ......... EOP.......... EPO ........... POE ...... Purity Of Essense!!!!!!!!!

so let me see if i get this straight, excellency voted today, the 25th. the offical election day is nov. 7th. now taking into consideration texas voting laws/regs.......'lemme see here....... that means that excellency can vote ........ three more times before the polls close. four times if you die (god forbid) before the 7th.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Yeah, I'm ready to vote early and often, and I've got my Perot Decoder Ring, with my Dimpled Chad Recognition Symbol, complete with Masonic Eye, that has the Constitution written on Microdot on the back, along with the names of all Warren Court members.