Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bush Probably Caused Katrina and the Tsunami Too...

Former U.S. President "Jimmiah" Carter blames Bush for the present Korean nuclear crisis, saying that the deal that he negotiated in 1994 with North Korea is "in the wastebasket." Bush is at fault, Mr. Carter says, for turning his back on this agreement and labeling the NK's as part of the Axis of Evil.
Uh. . .does it matter that North Korea cheated on this agreement ? Does it matter that North Korea even admitted cheating when caught red-handed ? Does it matter that North Korea is part of the Axis of Evil. Does Mr. Carter claim that it isn't ?
What was the US supposed to do... close its eyes, make nice, and let Kim build his bomb ? Anything, I suppose, to keep talking.

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louielouie said...

me an karl rove wus setin in a strip joint in sand fransisko last nite.
throoin back shots of W/T 101.
an ya no whut?
i bet you can't gues?
you no whut he tolled me?
he tolled me about how him and bush met.
he tolled me they met while they wus both trying to get that mountain saint hellens to go off.
they wus both tryin to do is separat.
but when they both started workin on it, boy o boy you shoulda seen the stuff hit the fan.
to bad about them folks on the hill though. they didn't know about them.
oh, gotta go.
momma got some of that new tinfoil that NASA use. i try to improve my reception.

sorry, couldn't resist.