Friday, September 8, 2006

Unterseebooten Trip

Off to the commissioning of brand-spanking-new attack submarine USS Texas (SSN 775) in the morning, down at Galveston. My friend John C. got me a ticket, for which I'm seriously in his debt. Will report on this later, and hopefully have some good pictures, assuming El Jefe (1) remembers the camera; and, (2) avoids camera operator error.
Tallyho, and everybody have a good weekend.

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louielouie said...

at 377 feet that thing is longer than a football field.
funny how people from oklahoma always compare the size of something to the length of a football field or the cost of something to the price of a six pack of beer. or myself the price of a bottle of wine.
seems odd that with a diving depth of 800 feet, if that's true, it will only dive a little more than twice its' length.
somehow i just can't see a submarine being 377 feet long. something that big has to be called a monster.
although another thing i can't see is the navy naming the previously commissioned attack submarine the USS jimmah cawtah.
naming an attack sub the texas seems fitting.
naming an attack sub the jimmah cawtah seems, well, .......... odd.
and just to be off topic, and out of naming category, i thought the navy should have named one of its' CVN, the sullivan.
just because.