Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday, a.m.

Off to a kiddo football game in a bit, so this will be abbreviated. Hie yourself over to Adventures of Chester and have a look at his post from this morning on "Combination Warfare." I am working through an article that's somewhat related, and will post on it later in the weekend if I get someplace with it.
Something is most definitely up in Baghdad, where a curfew is in effect through Sunday. Wretchard's discussion at Belmont Club is the most interesting, and contains some good links.
Also, visit Weekly Standard and have a look at William Kristol's "Who's Really in Denial ?" about Leftie attitudes to the war. Finally, do look at Vanity Fair's "Pox Americana," Michael's Wolff's discussion of British attitudes towards America and his lament that America is no longer "cool" in the eyes of the Euro "procedural peoples" and, implicitly, in the view of our own cultural elites.

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louielouie said...

excellency is gone?
you're kidding?
the entire court is still in residence?
where's that new mistress?
the redhead?
she's hot!!!