Friday, September 22, 2006

Busy, Busy Mr. Armitage

Richard Armitage telling the Pakistanis the US would bomb them back to the Stone Age ? Must have been between phone calls to the reporter types about the Valerie Plame affair.
Maybe Mr. Armitage really thought he was offering Pakistan something it wanted. By all accounts, lots of people in that part of the world would be perfectly happy to live in the Stone Age, or, more accurately, the Stoning Age.

The Prez says it ain’t so

Dayum ! You gotta wonder though. El Jefe's keen instincts for conspiracy sense deeper, unseen and occult forces at work. Was the gossipy Deputy Secretary of State really plotting to send Ms. Plame’s ever-intrepid hubby: that nice public-spirited Ambassador Joe Wilson -- the modern Indiana Jones - to Pakistan; and then bomb Pakistan back to the aforesaid Stone Age ? All, of course, to cover the tracks of Team Bush, already eye-deep in the plot to make Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. . .
Did Mr. Armitage make the threats to the Pakistani intelligence boss while on a Grassy Knoll in Dallas ? Near the School Book Depository, right after a meeting of the Trilateral Commission and the Bosses of Big Oil ?
Conspiracy theorists and inquiring minds world wide wanna know. And no doubt they will: surely this will soon be an Oliver Stone movie, with screenplay by Noam Chomsky and Moonbat Chavez.

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