Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits...

This is from Regime Change Iran, and concerns Mr. Akbar Mohammadi, an Iranian dissident, who died in the custody of the Iranian authorities, at Evin Prison in Tehran, on 31 July 2006. The translation is from SOS Iran. It takes a strong stomach to read this, so be warned. I reproduce it as found on Regime Change Iran, as nearly as I can, given the vagaries of Blogger's software (less emphasis).
Please read, and tell others, so that all may be aware of the nature of this evil regime that wants nuclear weapons; that threatens the destruction of whole states; that is egging Hezbollah on in Lebanon; that arms those shooting at our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Further comment by me is superfluous.

To: United Nations Human Rights Council
Re: Eyewitness Report regarding condition of body of Akbar Mohammadi
Dear Sir or Madam,
Below please find the eyewitness report regarding condition of body of Iranian Student and Political Prisoner Akbar Mohammadi after his death in the prisons of Islamic Republic in Iran. The original handwriting report and signatures of the witnesses in Iran is attached below.

We request your office’s immediate response and reaction to this urgent matter.
Dr. Iman Foroutan
Executive Director S.O.S. Iran

A Summary of Observing the Body of Akbar Mohammadi
The police and information forces of the lawless and bullying Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran put the naked body of my son in a station wagon (against all norms) and these thugs threatened that if we held a memorial service for him, they would return the body to Tehran to be buried in an undisclosed location. We were additionally threatened that if we did not agree with these conditions, they wouldn’t release his imprisoned bother [brother], Mr. Manouchehr Mohammadi, to attend the ceremony. Mr. Saeed Ashrafpour, the uncle of Akbar, was present while the body was being washed and buried.
Mr. Ashrafpour reported his observations as follows:
1. His eyes and mouth were wide open
2. His forehead was swollen, an indication that he was beaten
3. His teeth were protruding from his mouth.
4. His skull was broken
5. His front torso, from the neck to the stomach, was cut and stapled together
6. The same scenario was also repeated on his back
7. His shoulders, arms and soles were bruised badly, indicating that he was tortured
8. When he was being washed, his head and ears were bleeding and we had to stop it with cotton
9. His fingers were mangled
10. His wrists and ankles were bruised
11. There were purplish circles around his eyes
12. His weight had dwindled from about 95 Kg (approximately 209lbs) to 45 Kg (equivalent to 99 lbs)
Myself (the father), my wife and some of our relatives were present during the funeral and we can assure you that Akbar did not look like himself. It was as if Akbar had been disguised (to cover up the fact that he had been tortured). Akbar’s body was in such bad condition that the Coroner, after getting rid of the governmental thugs and showing the body to his other uncle, Mr. Ali Reza Ashrafpour, told them in confidence they should sue without hesitation or fear.
Finally, we request that all organizations protecting human rights assist us in our demand to disentomb the body and to perform an autopsy to ascertain the cause death.Below, are the undersigned, who have seen the body in person and approve of this report.
Copied to:
1. United Nations Office
2. Human Rights Organization
3. International Amnesty
4. Human Rights Watch
5. Physicians without Borders.
6. News Agencies, both inside and outside Iran
Signed: Saeed Ashrafpour, uncle
Signed: Alireza Ashrafpour, uncle
Signed: Abdolreza Ahsrafpour, uncle
Signed: Hamid Ashrafpour, uncle
Signed: Ahmadreza Ashrafpour, uncle
Signed: Mohammadreza Ashrafpour, uncle
Signed: Behrooz Ashrafpour, cousin
Signed: Abbas Amiri
Signed: Abdollah Amini
Signed: Iman Rezaei, cousin
Signed: Ali Esmaili, Akbar’s friend
Signed: Seyed Fazlollah Mir-Esmaili, relative
And two other illegible signatures. . .

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