Thursday, August 3, 2006

Where is Fidel ?

Fidel, are you alive ? Or have you assumed room temperature while your poor doctors are in concrete cells answering impossible questions posed by 20-year old cretins with truncheons ?

Reuters says people are asking questions, and that Cubans are “desperate for information.” “Why hasn’t Raul come out and spoken ? That’s what is needed,” Reuters quotes a delivery man as saying. Why indeed, Raul ?

Where are you Raul ? How’s brother right now ? Reuters quotes you as saying “Only the Communist Party…can be the worthy heir of the trust Cubans have placed in their leader.” Oh reeeaally ? Are you promising “collective leadership” like in Russia after Stalin died ? That would seem to make you Beria old man, and we know what happened to dear old Lavrenti Pavlovich, don’t we Raul ?

Do you trust your secretaries, chauffeurs, cooks and guards, Raul ? Yeah, I’m sure they’re all checked out by your own Revolutionary Armed Forces Ministry, but which of them report to DGSE (General Directorate for State Security) too ? Things have changed a little, and you're in the shark-tank for real now, guy. Gotta watch those Interior Ministry bastards – all the time – while eating, sleeping, whatever.

When are you going to speak ? Where is brother ? Whom do you trust ?

Enjoy your lunch, Raul.


louielouie said...

Do you trust your secretaries, chauffeurs, cooks and guards, Raul ?

sounds like excellency has had his own past trouble with minions.

let's see what's on the tube tonight...........bay of pigs, part deux.........what's that about.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Alas, some minor problems with minions in the distant past...we try to use only moderate torture -- "heightened interrogation" as it were, in the Benevolent Absolute Imperial Monarchy of El Jefe.

We can only aspire to true Fidelismo, not to say Stalinism.

Anonymous said...

Bay of Pigs Part Deux ? CHIRAC is invading Cuba ?