Thursday, August 3, 2006


Headline on AP story tonight: "No Update Given on Castro's Condition."
Cut to El Jefe airport hallucination: "Paging Dictator Castro. Dictator Fee-del Castro. Please answer the Red paging telephone in the Red Concourse. Paging Dictator Castro."
UPDATE: Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters reports that Fidel says his precise condition is a "state secret." As Captain Ed points out, Fidel must believe in HIPAA.


louielouie said...

to paraphrase:
you said previously that communist dictatorships closely resemble crime syndicate/mafia families as examples of each.

this should confirm what you already think.
i don't know how to do that url linky thingy.

Mike's America said...

I wonder if Fidel is alive, but just barely and the Cubans are afraid to give even a hint that the old dog may be incapacitated.

Oh what a happy day it will be when this butcher meets up with the devil. And we can only hope Raul and the rest of the regime will soon follow.