Friday, August 11, 2006

Olmert Buys It...Or Says He Does

Late word from the AP that Ehud Olmert accepts the US/France cease fire proposal...and that he will recommend that his government accept it...on Sunday.
Which Sunday of what month ?
Sticking with my earlier view, for the moment. Hmmm. In any case, that shall be next week's problem, because the Jefe is off for the boonies.


louielouie said...

louielouie addresses a vacant throneroom:
for starters the so-called resolution does not address the fate of the three kidnapped soldiers that israel is demanding the release of, and it does not address 1559. on top of that the israel FM announced to the press that she was going to NY three(3) days ago but only told olmert about the trip 1-1/2 hours before her scheduled departure. olmert nixed the trip. this certainly is one frikking mess....................
louielouie realizes his good fortune and exits the vacant throneroom............let him find out about this from someone else.
i'm outta here.

Mike's America said...

The throne room janitorial crew offers this assessment:

This is the worst military and political debacle to befall Israel in many years. Everyone knows the first rule of warfare is: if you are going to go in, go in all the way and with overwhelming force.

Israel will get slammed regardless of how restrained they are, or whatever efforts they make to avoid civilian casualties.

And most sane people agree that, unlike the Hezboos, Israelis do want to avoid civilian casualties.

But to waste the past month in half measures that lead to the perception that Hezbollah remains largely intact is a monumental screw up.

I don't think Olmert has the right stuff.

louielouie said...

just finished watching the latest installment of iba news from jerusalem.
this desoto bozo that is the goon-in-charge of the new and improved unifil sounds/looks like a john kerry without hair. iba also reported that kofi annus sent a letter to israel only specifically restricting and defining the measures under which israel could defend itself during its' withdrawal from hezzbanon.

Mike's America said...

It's a shame Kofi hasn't invested half as many efforts in trying to enforce UN resolution 1559 that requires the Hezboos to disarm.

Don't know if you folks have seen the photo of Kofi chumming it up with Nasrallah:

Not sure what those two talked about, but it certainly didn't seem to be about disarming Hezbollah.