Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Light Posts, Big Storms

Working for a living and last weekend as a single parent ensured have kept posting light this week, but this too shall pass.
You could not get away from the memory of Hurricane Katrina today. By command of SWMBO, I spent lunchtime getting my hair cut. All the TV channels in my very retro barber shop had assorted politicos and newsies on peddling endless platitudes about Katrina, to the general discontent of the midday haircut clientele.
I mean no disrespect to that storm's victims, for so many of whom Katrina will ever be The Storm-- but it was clearly a slow news day. As far as the World Buzz Factory is concerned, the Lebanon War is on hiatus; Jon Benet's a bust; Ernesto looks to be one; the elections are a ways off; and, the reporters don't want to be anyplace near Iraq. TV networks and Cable News departments must have fodder in the form of new subjects to talk about, and when nothing's new we get ceaseless regurgitation. That appears to be the case this week.
Tropical Storm Ernesto is said to be weaker as it goes into Florida: apparently it lost a good deal of its strength passing through Cuba. Certainly it was not as destructive as the last storm named Ernesto that helped devastate Cuba. . .that one was better known as Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

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louielouie said...

ditto your thoughts on katrina.
as for the journalists, i say we stuff them all in a van with "TV" marked on the side of it and park it in gaza city somewhere.
i'll be more than happy to be the lead negotiator for our side.