Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Joe Lieberman's Battle

Tonight in Connecticut, Joe Lieberman fights for his political life, as he tries to remain the Democratic Party's candidate in that State for the US Senate.
Just six years ago, Senator Lieberman was his party's candidate for the Vice Presidency. I did not vote for him, or for Al Gore, but he would have been far from the worst occupant of the Naval Observatory. Similarly, I have many disagreements with Senator Lieberman's political views, but in the nature of things, I am not likely, in general, to agree with much coming out of the offices of northeastern politicians. Still, I hope Senator Lieberman manages to pull it out, and defeat Ned Lamont, the preferred candidate of the Moonbat/Cindy Sheehan wing of the Democratic Party.
Senator Lieberman, at great political cost to himself, has been a stalwart on the War on Terror, and most especially, a strong supporter of our just cause in Iraq. The whole country is the loser if the Democratic Party is completely the captive of its "Netroot" lunatic fringe. As a partisan conservative Republican, I can see many advantages to middle of the road folks having no real alternative to the Republican Party. As a citizen, though, I think this development is bad for the country.
Frankly, I expect the worst of the Democrats. The party of Lloyd Bentsen is no more. Hillary Clinton, in Democratic terms, is positively moderate, if not right wing. The Democrats have delivered themselves, bound hand-and-foot, to the wacko professor/Massachusetts Moonbat/McGovern crowd.
If Lieberman goes down, and the Moonbats take over this November (which God forbid) -- have no illusions about what is coming. It almost certainly means the complete loss of the war in Iraq; nuclear weapons for the crazies in Tehran; not to mention the impeachment of President Bush. Byron York over at National Review Online has a complete preview of Democratic plans on this score, which everybody needs to read. I think this would be a dead-end for the Moonbats, and cause them more heartbreak than they could possibly imagine, but depend on it: they will try it with even a one vote majority in the House of Representatives.
For the moment, things look bleak, but I'm not ready to panic about November, yet. Whatever happens with Joe Lieberman, I continue to believe that the Moonbats are going to bring us millions of votes. Still, we'll get something of a clue as to our future in a few hours.

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