Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jefe Not Happy

El Jefe will probably post somewhat less this week: SWMBO is in Amsterdam through Saturday on business. I am none too happy about this, matters in Europe being what they are, and air travel being what it is.

I am even less happy following the little incident this morning: a Northwest Airlines flight was outbound from Amsterdam to Bombay, when the aircraft turned around, picked up an escort of Dutch F-16’s, and landed back at Schiphol Airport. A number of persons were removed for questioning. SWMBO is supposed to leave out of Schiphol on Saturday.

Fox said that the Northwest captain had requested a fighter escort. Presumably he had a good reason: care and feeding of high-performance military aircraft not exactly being cheap, a frivolous request for some friendly company - not to mention turning around a scheduled revenue flight with paying passengers - could land the captain in hot water. Still, I hope it's a false alarm.
UPDATE (4:00 p.m. 23 Aug) My brother's in Qatar, and writes me that with the Iranians seizing oil platforms, he wants to know if it's risky there. Good ! Where's the Maalox ?

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Candidly Caroline said...

It looks like everyone is just being extra cautious at this point - which is great!
A safe flight for SWMBO ...