Wednesday, August 23, 2006


As the cartoon suggests, the Iranians unquestionably believe that they are on a roll.
Yesterday, Iran officially replied to US/European/UN warnings to discontinue its nuclear enrichment program by stating that Iran was interested in talking, but that they intended to keep their nuclear program, thank you very much.
Also yesterday, as if to make sure the West, in particular the lily-livered Europeans -- got the message -- an Iranian warship seized a Romanian oil platform in the Persian Gulf. The oil platform in question, along with another rig, had apparently been drilling in Iranian waters; but the contract expired, and the Romanians (after getting a favorable court decision allowing them to do so), removed one platform. When they tried to move the other Tuesday, two Iranian Navy oil supply vessels demanded to be allowed to send boarders on to the platform; and when the Romanians refused, the supply ships whistled-up a warship which fired on the platform, and then disgorged commandos, which took control. Eagle Speak, (the Source on matters nautical), has a complete discussion, here.
The Iranian reaction seems extreme for what amounts to a commerical dispute. . .but Romania is very friendly with the United States, and is thus a convenient target for picking-on when looking to remind the Europeans to play nice and ignore the Big Bad Wolf's fangs and nukes if they know what's good for them.
The Iranians have thrown down their gauntlet. Anybody gonna pick it up ?


Mike's America said...

I wouldn't look for anyone to pick up that gauntlet anytime soon. Iran has been making war against us for 27 years and we just pretend not to notice.

And of course the minute the U.S. acts we'll be denounced as problem, not the solution.

Interesting story about protests in Iran against the support that is going to the Hezboos:

There have been other protests against Iranian involvement with the Hezzies, who are Arabs anyway.

Too bad we haven't spent the last five years and a couple billion dollars supporting anti-government forces in Iran.

I still find it hard to believe that President Bush would name Iran as part of the "axis of evil" then do nothing about it.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I have seen the news about protests in Iran, but I'm sure they don't bother the mullahs much. In the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (VEVAK) have a much more efficient, much larger secret police apparatus than the Shah (in fact, it is built on former SAVAK assets).

VEVAK is well motivated and big, and is backed up by the Pasdaran. Any mob an anti-government group comes up with -- the government can outdo when it wants. I think they tolerate protests to let off steam for a bit, then use VEVAK to round up the chief troublemakers later.

The Mullahs will start sweating only when VEVAK and the Pasdaran institutions get shaky.