Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fun, Good and Interesting Thangs - Reprise

I first did this list back in May of 05. . .Most of it is the same, but some of it is not. It's just an appropriate time to, reflect again on Fun, Good and Interesting Thangs (FGIT), as sort of a reminder of the blessings that have come my way in this life, and as an antidote to my usual attitude of nitpicking irriation, and a few Storm Cloud No. 1 blog posts I feel coming on. This is a by no means exhaustive list, nor is it in any particular order.

1. Parties.
2. Double entendres.
3. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.
4. BMW’s.
5. A decent Merlot – from Chile not California.
6. Pancakes.
7. Seaside, FL.
8. Dancing.
9. A trip to the Museum, when not in a hurry.
10. Tea – iced or hot.
11. Road trip to Da Beach. Cool if No. 7, Cool if Galveston or Surfside too.
12. Hiking.
13. A quiet afternoon with a book.
14. Camping.
15. When the Heir is happy.
16. Watching them drag ol'Saddam out of that hole.
17. When SWMBO is happy.
18. 18-year old Scotch (preferably Macallan).
19. Dinner and Drinking with pals.
20. When the Heir is in the mood to tell me the kiddo gossip.
21. Jenny McCarthy.
22. Popcorn.
23. E-mail.
24. Cats, in particular, FLINKY, MILO and SUNSHINE, the High Patronesses of this Blog.
25. Watching Lefties go Bonkers.
26. Sunsets.
27. Thunderstorms when I don’t have to be anyplace.
28. Going to a Movie with SWMBO.
29. Snail-mail. (I love to write and receive letters: See #23).
30. Flags, particularly those of Texas, the US and the Confederacy.
31. Sleeping late -- anybody who bugs me before 10 a.m. is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.
32. The GoGo’s.
33. Some stuff by the Carpenters.
34. Going to the Circus.
35. Hershey Bars.
36. Deutsche Bier.
37. Deutsche Marschmusik.
38. New Ulm, TX.
39. Gossip.
40. Old Books.
41. Miniskirts.
42. Grapes (red, seedless).
43. Regular Coke.
44. Italian Food.
45. Rome.
46. Blueberry Pie.
47. A stay at the Four Seasons, or the Lancaster (Houston, Texas).
48 The Corrs.
49. Flirting.
50. Military History.
51. Dolphins.
52. Australians.
53. Guns.
54. A fire – fireplace or campfire.
55. The stars at night, away from the city.
56. The British.
57. Blackened Redfish or Snapper.
58. Black Coffee – piping hot.
59. Mozart's Symphonie Nr. 31 in D-Major "Pariser Symphonie" (KV 297).
60. Austin, Texas.
61. Roller Coasters.
62. Winston Churchill and all his books.
63. Writing in my journal (where I put all the stuff I won't tell the blog).
64. George Strait.
65. Barbecue – specially brisket.
66. Ball caps.
67. The Washington Post.
68. Ronald Reagan.
69. Keeping my friends’ secrets.
70. Paris -- standing in Place de la Concorde looking down the Champs Elysees, or walking up Rue de Rivoli.
71. Riding my bike.
72. A royal flush.
73. Attention.
74. Irish Whiskey (Jameson's).
75. Cigars (only occasionally).
76. European history.
77. Chit-Chat about nothing in particular (see No. 39).
78. VanGogh.
79. The Buffalo River valley, Arkansas.
80. Gustave Courbet’s The Sea (1867).
81. Dogs.
82. Nice shoes.
83. Chess.
84. Cosmos.
85. A window seat on the plane.
86. Kate Winslet in Titanic.
87. Deeply intense conversations about abstract political or historical happenings.
88. Ernest Meissonier’s Campaign de France, 1814 (1864).
89. "Pie Jesu" (by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Requiem 1985).
90. Strawberries.
91. Robert E. Lee.
92. NFL Football Games – when I don’t have to drive.
93. Kissing.
94. The smell of fresh cut grass.
95. SWMBO’s cooking.
96. An afternoon at the bookstore.
97. The Driskill Hotel, Austin.
98. Boats and ships.
99. John Singer Sargent’s Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (1892-93).
100. Biscuits or Biscuits and Gravy.
101. The Heir’s face when asleep.
102. Masraff’s (Restaurant), Houston, Texas.
103. Le Musée de l’Armée, Paris.
104. The Forum Romanum, Rome.
105. Swim-Up Bars.
106. The Godfather (all three parts).
107. John Sanford’s Prey novels.
108. FLINKY when she Meows at my study door to be let in.
109. The smell of the ocean and listening to the waves. (See #7, # 11).
110. The color red.
111. The Band of the Coldstream Guards.
112. Chicago (before Cetera left), Boston, and the BeeGees, or most 70’s/80’s bands.
113. Stuffing my head with pointless trivia.
114. Late night phone calls.
115. Late movies.
116. Irish bars.
117. Pizza.
118. Clocks that tick loudly.
119. Women in black.
120. The Heir when he says “But I have a question.”
121. The film Cleopatra (Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison).
122. Late nights drinking in smoke-filled bars with obscure bands playing.
123. Buying flowers.
124. The color blue.
125. Sudden, spur of moment road trips.
126. Ceremony.
127. Hearing train whistles a long way off.
128. My book collection.
129. New and different tee-shirts.
130. Cilantro.
131. Interesting perfume.
132. SWMBO’s Tales of Office Politics.
133. Not having to do anything in evenings but sit out front and chit-chat with neighbors.
134. A nice sirloin, medium, with some mushrooms.
135. St. Clement, Chardonnay (’02 or ’03).
136. An afternoon snooze.
137. Flying a kite.
138. Touring old battlefields.
139. Howard Pyle's The Battle of Bunker Hill (1897).
140. Anything with Clint Eastwood in it.
141. The Heir petting MILO.
142. An evening at a play.
143. The New Car smell.
144. St Arnold’s Amber Ale.
145. Anything about or to do with Theodore Roosevelt.
146. John Wayne movies.
147. Falling asleep – that point when not quite awake, but not asleep yet either.
148. Maps.
149. Golf, as long as we're not keeping score and somebody snuck in a flask.
150. Going bump in the night.


louielouie said...

you forgot cheese.
re: #17
because when momma's happy everyone's happy.
when momma's not happy...............

El Jefe Maximo said...

Boy, leaving off cheese is a MEGA boo-boo. So
#151. Cheese (Gruyere, Parmigiano Reggiano or Gouda).

What was I thinkin !

louielouie said...

not intending to say anything b4.
how is your math?
150 + 17 = 2

congrats on the new scoreboard at your football stadium.
with the elec. that thing consumes, you could fund a small country.

Candidly Caroline said...

Hmmm ... I posted a comment here, like a week ago, but I guess it didn't take.
I think I said something along the lines of "There are so many good things on this list that *I* feel better having read it!"
I think there was more, too, but that shall be lost forever, I guess ...