Wednesday, August 9, 2006

But WHAT KIND of Cleaning Fluid Was It ?

With all of this irrelevant news -- wars in the Middle East; political primaries; killings in Baghdad; wackos wanting nukes; nutjobs named Chavez buying Russian fighters -- it's good to see that the media is keeping us abreast of the REAL news of the day.
According to AP, Paul Macartney's (oops, scuse me, SIR Paul McCartney's) and his soon to be ex-wife Heather Mills McCartney's divorce is getting u-g-l-y pretty flippin quick.
In the latest of no doubt many more juicy installments to come, AP reports that security guards at Paul's London residence got all hot and bothered and summoned the constables when one of Heather's guards climbed a wall to open a gate to let her in. It seems Paul has recently changed the locks and frozen the joint bank accounts, and sent Heather's lawyers ". . . a letter complaining about three bottles of cleaning liquid that were taken from his home to her office. . ." (emphasis supplied).
No, I'm not making this up, people. Billion-dollar Sir Paul is worried about three bottles of cleaning fluid ? Oooookay.
Now, believe me, I can understand the part about the guards being willing to climb the walls for Heather. Hell, I'd be glad to put up Heather here at Casa El Jefe, cept when SWMBO finds out I might be getting calls from yon barristers myself.
Still, you've gotta wonder about the standards of the English speaking world's journalism schools. All this bother, and nobody thought to find out for this article exactly what brand of cleaning fluid was at issue here ? Think of the marketing possibilities: "Baz Supreme -- powerful enough to remove the worst stains AND to wash that man right out of your hair !"

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Anonymous said...

SWMBO - yes I saw this. You would be willing to climb HER wall. Yes, and NOTE has been taken.

CC: MPA - marital propert attorney