Wednesday, May 3, 2006

The Odds of War

Very busy, so not much time to blog this morning. I am working on several blog projects but have not had time to complete the homework.
A perusal of the newspapers and blogosphere shows growing consensus that the Left will do well in the November elections. Maybe. The polls tend to favour Democrats in any case, and gas prices are high (although they will possibly fall as summer drags on). Still, our foreign enemies are certainly aware of the approaching US elections and appears, particularly in the case of Iran and Venezuela, to be gaming them, doing all that they can to drive up fuel prices. But the Democrats look set to make gains.
The Iranians in particular are playing with fire. It's about 50-50, in El Jefe's estimation, that, come Christmas, President Bush will be looking at a hostile majority in the US House of Representatives. If so, he will spend the remainder of his term fighting off impeachment.
It follows that if the Iranians can delay the Americans for the rest of this year, that they will have their bomb. Bush will be unable to budge for the remainder of his term, and cannot count on his successor to act.
Bush surely knows this. . .

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