Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Our Enemies Within (1)

Tied down at work for the moment, but lots I want to blog on as soon as opportunity arises, in particular the recent dismissal by the CIA of Mary McCarthy, who was, apparently, one of the Left's moles inside the administration. Ms. McCarthy may have been a leaker of classified military and intelligence information to the Press, and thus to our armed enemies.
Ms. McCarthy, through a spokesman, has issued a denial of sorts. Both the spokesman and the wording of this denial are interesting, but will have to await later dissection. Even more interesting: she's made a very intriguing choice of attorneys, one Ty Cobb (no, not baseball Cobb), but the Ty Cobb who defended numerous high-profile Clinton administration officials and hangers-on, including John Huang, a member of Mrs. Clinton's staff caught up in Whitewater; and, White House officials involved in "Travelgate." (Hat tip: Wretchard).
No indictment has been filed, but this is some seriously political, seriously heavy, seriously expensive artillery. . . Who is paying the freight on this one ?



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louielouie said...

you should have seen/heard one of the distinguished senators from mass. give his JUSTIFICATION for this crime on one of the sunday morning talking head shows.