Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Delusional Psychotic ?" And The Point is ?

The AP is reporting that Zacarias Moussaoui's lawyers (who most assuredly have a thankless task) are trying to avoid the death penalty by portraying their client as a "delusional psychotic."
Come on, counselors, you're going to have to do a little better than that. "Delusional psychotic" applies to lots of persons of Mr. Moussaoui's persuasion: from Mr. O. BinLaden, still skulking about in caves someplace, chasing goats and lice with his henchman Ayman al-Zawahiri, to their good friend Zarqawi ("Z-Cow") in Iraq.
The 9/11 bombers all fit the bill, along with the Madrid bombers, plus those wacko murder/suicide bombers in Iraq and Israel -- like that sicko who blew himself and nine perfectly innocent civilians up outside a Tel Aviv restaurant Monday. And we can't forget Mahmoud "Mad Jad" Ahmadinejad the "President" of Iraq, and his twisted boss Ayatollah Khamenei, who are both candidates for the carpet-chewing/padded cell set also.
Oh yeah, there's always ol'Saddam, whose troops, with his approval and knowledge, dropped Sarin and Tabun on Kurds, and whose police fed live dissidents into wood-chip machines. Maybe he can cheat the hangman with the "delusional psychotic" defense ? Somehow I bet his laywers are smarter than that.
"Delusional psychotic" seems not so much a legal defense, for a person of Mr. Moussaoui's opinions, as a part of the job description. The lawyers need to show that poor, deluded, America-hating Mr. Moussaoui is a little more than simply wacko...maybe they should try a diversity or multiculturalism argument ?

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