Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Cabal's Connections

Have a look at the nifty chart that majorchaz over at Mind in the Qatar has whipped up. (Go there for a full-sized version). It shows all the connections between the polygraph-flunking Ms. McCarthy and other Leftie luminaries. I found this thanks to Mike's America. Have a look also at Flopping Aces, which put Mike on the trail.
I'm going to blog on this some more, once I've had time to do the homework, but in the meantime, check out this chart, do some reading yourselves, and reflect on who has the interests of the country at heart. Meanwhile, think on Mike's very good question: "Are Democrats loyal to their country and the goals of our twice elected legitimate government, or do they only have loyalties to gaining and wielding power?"

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Mike's America said...

I like the updates on the chart. But it is still only scratching the surface.

And before some lefty dismisses all this with a cavalier "so what?" I recommend reading the testimony of Porter Goss before Congress recently where he described in detail how damaging this activity is.

Of course I fully realize that lefties won't believe it unless it's declared by S I X retired generals.