Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Stop That Cheerleader !

The Texas Legislature has shown yet again why Republicans are often castigated as the “Stupid Party.” Even though we live in a state that has barely functioning public schools, an antiquated, creeky Constitution, under-funded and under-staffed courts, and wacko tax system, the House of Representatives still has time to waste on fripperies like banning “overtly sexually suggestive” performances by public school cheerleaders and drill teams. Honest, we need this, even though we’ve already got laws against public lewdness.

Of course, the draft approved by the House doesn’t identify what “overtly sexually suggestive” might be, or establish a penalty for violations. It just makes the Texas Legislature look like bigger clowns then they already are.

Hmmmm…next we’ll hear that the Legislature is establishing a “Cheerleader Review Board” to monitor which performances violate the statute…

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