Wednesday, May 4, 2005


El Jefe went to Galveston on Saturday afternoon, and was the guest for the evening of his friends T and E and their two children at their beach palace. Was much fun -- T made some Cosmos (which were yummy, El Jefe might have had, oh 5 or so) and we all sat on the deck and watched the sharks chasing the shrimp boats, a scary movie that night, and the weird horizon at high tide the next morning. I had been agitating to get down to Galveston for some time, and it was so cool of T to make that happen. Thanx !
UPDATE: It is been brought to the Management's attention that certain people, who shall remain nameless, don't think El Jefe has been abjectly grateful enuf for his entertainment at the Beach Palace. Okay, okay, I admit it. I left out certain things, like the grapes and the succulent hors d'ouvres while watching the table dancers, (specially hired from Ricks), the Ice Sculpture that said "El Jefe, El Supremo" on the bar, the sharks swimming in formation, the visit by Jose Cuervo (a friend of mine) and the impressive loyalty ceremony on the south lawn. I am truly, totally, grateful to T ... er, the certain people, for organizing it, and seeing that I had an excellent evening. Mucho gracias. (Hopefully, the contract I've been told that's out there will be lifted now ???).

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Anonymous said...

THAT'S ALL????? What about the world class treatment of fanning you while you were hot?? What about the feeding you grapes while you watched dancers?? What about when you were mad and all of us lay down and begged not only forgiveness,but pledged our undying loyalty to EL JEFFE???