Thursday, April 14, 2005


Yes, yes, I know, El Jefe has been silent for some time, away from his capital, brooding on his estates, contemplating his billions on deposit round the world, his many palaces, (more even than Ken Lay in his salad days), his fanatically loyal armies of goombas, his bevies of comely mistresses, his vast wine cellars, cases of scotch, the fifty different types of ice cream in his coolers, his campaign to be elected Pope, or ruler of a small but wealthy country, etc., etc.

Fear not, the Great One is returning, and shall end his silence presently. Lots going on in the world. The John Bolton confirmation hearings (with enemies like his, he must be a prince of a guy); the Republicans in the House of Representatives, (showing again why another name for Republicans has always been the “Stupid Party” as opposed to their counterparts, the “Evil Party.”). If that’s not enough, there are always Euros and other assorted wackos to rave at.
Stay tuned.

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