Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heck of a Job, Nancy

Is the President just delusional? Thursday Politico quoted President Obama's response to a reporters's question on whether Congressional Democrats would benefit from new leadership:
Speaker Pelosi has been an outstanding partner for me. Harry Reid has been a terrific partner in moving some very difficult legislation forward. And I’m looking forward to working with the entire leadership team to continue to make progress on the issues that are important to the American people.
How about some other similar thank-yous: "Thank you Captain Smith for bringing Titanic into port." How about "General Pickett, the Confederate States of America thanks you for your efforts at Gettysburg." Or "hey, Admiral Nagumo, sorry about those four carriers you lost, but  you did Japan a good job at Midway." Then there's "gee, Senator McGovern, great effort in the 1972 elections. See you at Nixon's victory party."
I shudder to think what happens if Nancy stays outstanding, or Harry goes on being terrific. Should we just declare national doom and bankruptcy now?

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The Traveling Salesman said...

Yep, I will get right on that after Mr. Custer's victory party at Little Big Horn.