Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Der Tag!

At last, Election Day! El Jefe  and millions of others have been waiting for two years to deliver the first installment of payback for Election Day 2008. The predictions for the House of Representatives are all over the place, most now suggesting that the Republicans will gain upwards of 60 seats. Jay Cost, writing in Weekly Standard, has an excellent breakdown of how matters are likely to develop in the lower chamber.
As for the Senate, the consensus seems to be that the Republicans pick up eight seats formerly held by Democrats (Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nevada, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania and North Dakota). I'll go with those, but I think there might just be a pleasant surprise in Washington, where Patty Murray could go down. Some results (particularly in Washington) are apt to be final only after weeks of recounts and similar shenanigans.
Election Projection (Blogging Caesar's site) and Real Clear Politics, among othershave plenty of details for those so inclined. But it looks like political curtains for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their whole scurvy crew, and here is a link to some appropriate musical accompaniment for that thought. . .

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