Friday, March 19, 2010

Health Care About Character? You Bet it Is

Mr. Obama, wrong about so much, is ultimately likely to be correct on this point. At the moment, the health care debate is more about the character of the Democratic Party, which will stop at nothing to foist on the American people a bill that poll after poll shows Americans don't want, and that the country cannot pay for. But Pelosi, Obama, Reid and all their other confederates are certain that the Democratic Party leadership knows better than the people what the country needs; and, that, by hook or by crook, whatever the public thinks, no matter how much we don't want it, we are all going to, come Hell or High Water -- swallow this pill.
On Sunday the 21st, through parlimentary trickery, the Democrats are likely to, for the moment, have their way. Then the President will be correct: the public attitude towards Demon Pass and all the other chicanery that has produced this monstrous bill will indeed show the "character of our country." Will the people sit still for one of the largest power grabs in American history, via trick legislation, or won't they?

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