Thursday, November 19, 2009

Messy Desk

Whenever I finish a major writing project, at work or at home, I have a ginormous mess of papers to clean up. Some of them are normally related to whatever I'm working on, but other stuff is usually totally unrelated, and usually pertains to (1) possible blog projects; (2) weird historical/political material I like to read; (3) correspondence; or, (4) just misc. kaka.
Here's a sampling of today's gleanings. As will be apparent, I tend to print hard copies of virtually everything. I also probably have serious ADD. . .
(1) Collective Bargaining Agreement between. . . (parties omitted).
(2) measurements for a home shelving project.
(3) notes on opposing party's brief in (case names omitted).
(4) article: Ballistic Tests on the IJN Shinano's Turret Face Armor, by Nathan Okun, 31 Aug. 1999.
(5) article from the New Republic "The Reinvention of Robert Gates" by Michael Crowley, 9 Nov. 2009.
(6) Memorandum for File concerning conversation with . . .(business, never mind).
(7) Article from "Twenty Years after the Fall" [of the Berlin Wall], by George Friedman, 9 Nov. 09.
(8) Personal e-mail letter from X to moi, dated 25 Mar. 09.
(9) Print-out of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure No. 56.
(10) Article from Mysteries of the Imperial Japanese Navy: "Death of Battleship Hiei: Sunk by Gunfire or Air Attack?" by Anthony P. Tully, 1997.
(11) Article from Wall Street Journal Online "The KSM Trial Will be an Intelligence Bonanza for al Qaeda" by John Yoo.
(12) Print-out of Texas Property Code § 209.006.
(13) Photocopies of 10 pages from Elkouri & Elkouri's How Arbitration Works.
(14) Old receipt from Tony's Mexican Restaurant.
(15) "List of H.M. Ships operating in the English Channel, May 1805" (printout, 3 pages, source unknown).
(16) Friend's Christmas letter from December 2008.
(17) Annotated copy of page from O'Connor's Texas Rules * Civil Trial (2009).
(18) Article from the American Interest "Pillars of the Next American Century" print-out dated 26 Oct. 2009.
(19) Article from National Affairs "Who Killed California?" by Troy Senek (print-out dated 2 October 2009).
(20) A random copy of a page from Black's Law Dictionary with, among other definitions "Nomographer."
What's on your desk?


hank_F_M said...

El Jefe


Computer monitor on top of phone book. The cat likes to sleep in front of the monitor, this way I can see it.

Old 3 inch floppys I going to sort through some time.

Several books.



Pop cans

I’d have to move something to continue the list.

I usually don’t print things or I really be buried.

The Girl said...

I'm pretty neat but I have alot. Lets see, pictures of my grandson, son, the whole family, my phone, paperclips, stapler, to do bin, dvd burner, a plant, three tier paper holder, wonder woman cup full of pens and highlighters, business cards, and my computer monitor, keyboard and mouse. I have a big desk :)

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Texas Gator Girl said...

ok, you asked: a phone, a clock, a camera, bills, checkbook, I-pods, stampers, lotion, magazines, computer, address book & various other crap - I'm too tired to look at what it is!! lol!