Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello Mr. President?

So what's with a Commander-in-Chief making a speech following the news of the shootings at Fort Hood, and not even mentioning it till just under two minutes into the light preliminary banter of a totally unrelated speech?
Obama's remarks -- when they got to the subject -- were appropriate. But the coolness, the detachment, the disconnect between our glacially calm President, the plight of the soldiers of which he is the commander, and the shock of much of the rest of the country was profoundly unsettling.
Couldn't the introduction to his (no doubt) deeply important speech to something called the "Tribal Nations Conference" hosted by the Department of Interior's Bureau of Indian affairs (yawn) have waited for just a minute? Why does the President get to the important matter -- a crime that concerns the whole country -- two minutes into his talk; when the speech is getting TV coverage, and much of the country tuned in precisely because it's seeking reassurance and information from the President?
Who is advising Obama? Why did the speech go forward? What makes Obama tick?
Who is this man?


surrey said...

Finally a meaningful health care reform has been passes....
President obama did a great job..but still now people against him..i know its not enough..but plz ...don't go against jut stand with him..

El Jefe Maximo said...

Surrey's hot-link is to a car rental service in the UK. I don't know if Surrey is making a serious comment or trying to hawk limo rentals in the UK.

If your comment is serious, Surrey, thank you, but I must, with all due respect, express wonderment at your interest in the domestic legislation of the United States.

Speaking for myself, I might well have opinions on the wisdom of some UK home legislation (with no foreign application) but would consider it somewhat bad forrm to comment on it as a guest in a forum primarily directed at a UK audience.

If you're just looking for advertising, I suppose I should delete the comment...but will hold off on that at present.

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