Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Remembered

Today is the eighth anniversary of the murderous Al Qaeda terrorist attack on the United States. May our enemies ever be remembered for the cowardly and dastardly nature of their attack on our country; and, today, in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, in Iraq and other places, the armed forces are serving our foes with the appropriate condign punishment.
Eight years later, some of the foul perpetrators are in Hell already. Others are waiting their turn to go there, rotting in jails, in Guantanamo and other places; we can only pray God speeds their appointment with the hangman.
Spare a moment, reader, and remember the dead: especially heroes like Rick Rescorla.


Anonymous said...

Well put El Jefe - such a heavy heart today. I won't relax until I see Bin Ladin's body deprived of breath and burning with jet fuel.

Texas Gator Girl said...

you said it El Jefe!