Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama's Auto Fiat

The subhead of a Wall Street Journal piece on President Obama's auto-fuel efficiency increase decree yesterday neatly sums up the whole thing, and further comment by El Jefe is mostly superfluous:
Bankrupt companies making 39 mpg autos. Are we nuts?
No, but courtesy of the voters, the nuts are in charge for the moment. Elections have consequences, and two of them are a Speaker of the House with a CIA persecution complex who is upset she can't have President Bush's head on a platter; and beyond-insane fiats from the O-God on auto fuel efficiency (mostly to appease the global warming cult) while the whole domestic automobile industry is dying.
But the nuts won, so they get to do damage for awhile. The only real issue before the house is how much of the country can they wreck till the adults are in charge again.

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LFC said...

Global warming "cult"? I.e., people concerned w survival of the planet.

"Till the adults are in charge again..." The "adults" in charge during the 2000-08 period presided over the wrecking of the economy, a largely incompetent and counterproductive foreign policy, one unjustified war (iraq) and one that was allowed to slip out of control (afghanistan), an increase in domestic inequality, a decrease in US's global image and fraying of alliances, 2 retrograde sup ct appointments, ignoring global warming, warrantless wiretapping, the development of a new and destabilizing class of nuclear weapons,abrogation of the ABM treaty, refusal to join the ICC, irresponsible tax policy contributing to huge deficits, failure to persuade Congress to tackle serious entitlement or immigration reform, mediocre education policy, 40 plus million uninsured...
quite an "adult
record, all told.